Collar/cuff commissions open!! 🤡 go to @shandelionmakes on insta for updates 🎪

Collar and/or cuffs commission slot (deposit)


This deposit is *NON*REFUNDABLE. By purchasing this listing you are agreeing to have read and understood all of the information below!

When you purchase a listing, please leave your preferred method of contact in the notes section (instagram handle or email preferrable). I will send you a Google Form for you to send me all the information I need! If you do not complete the form within 1 week of receiving it, you will loose your slot.

*Once you have chosen your fabrics and collar/cuff type, the rest of the payment will be taken upfront, within a week of purchasing the slot. If your collar/cuffs are not paid for within the given week, you will lose your deposit and your slot*

Collar and cuff commissions will be made alongside clownsuit commissions, meaning they could take up to 5 weeks to complete, but are usually finished before then! Please also consider international shipping times and prices as I am based in the UK.

You will need an idea of what you want your collar/cuffs to look like when you purchase this listing, even if it’s just the colours/themes etc. I buy all of my fabric from Minerva, please do look for fabrics yourself, just remember that only polycottons are included in the prices illustrated ( and any other fabrics will add to your total. Of course if you would like something more specific/vintage/licenced I can look for those for you, but there will be an additional cost!

You are not limited to the add-ons included in this listing; if there's anything else you have in mind but you're not sure if I can do it, feel free to message me! Currently I only offer the collar and cuff shape I have included in this listing, but again, please message me if you have any other ideas and I can see what I can do!

If you don’t get a slot this time around, don’t worry! I’m planning many more drops!

Love and laughter, Shandelions 🌈🤡

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